Do you want to try the app before you buy?

Be our guest! Why not try the IDE using our "Lite" version? It's completely free and you don't need to give any details or anything to download it and try it right now!

The Lite version is a demo app. It contains the main IDE and a simplified build engine. It will give you a good idea of how the IDE works and how the build works and will check syntax of the program you are running. You will get to know exactly what it is like programming Arduino using the Swift language without having to commit to buying just yet.

You don't even need to own any hardware! Just download and take a look!

(Mac only, Linux and Windows not supported)

How does the Lite version differ from the full version?

The Lite version cannot upload the program to an Arduino UNO board so you won't be able to see your code running on hardware. But it will give you a really good idea how Swift for Arduino actually works, without committing yourself. Try it now! It's genuinely zero risk!


If you download the Lite version and play with it then have suggestions or questions please contact us, email us on or send us a message on Facebook. Don't hesitate, we would LOVE to hear from you! Or join the Slack community channels and ask us questions there.

Subscription (beta)

We are planning to trial a subscription model, to spread the cost of payment and to give users of the Free Lite version a chance to try the full features. If you would be interested in trying this, let us know.