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Swift for Arduino costs $40 to buy a copy for unlimited use for one developer. Click the "Pay by Card" button below and you will see a popup powered by Stripe (TM), asking for your card details, email and a billing address.

It looks like you are either using a mobile or not using mac. Buy the product now and we will send you a license key for downloading the S4A IDE to your mac later. (This app does not work on iOS, Android, Windows or Linux.)

During payment, Stripe will ask for personal information, including email and billing address in case a purchase fails and to enhance their security. Once payment is complete we will use the email to automatically send you a welcome email with your license key and to invite you to receive other communications and join our Slack community. We will not use your email address for marketing purposes without your express permission. We may use it to contact you about any billing queries if there is a problem.

You may request that we delete your personal information if you wish, as per normal with EU GDPR regulations, and we will not pass it on to any undisclosed third party unless forced to by law.

If you would rather pay as you go or try the features for free first, you should download the free version from get the subscription version. Run the app, practice with the simulator and get used to it if you like, and when you're ready, purchase a subscription. The subscription is free to try for the first 10 days, then $3 per month if you decide you like it and want to keep using it.

SURVEY: We want to make this a success. If you don't want to buy, could you let us know why? We will not contact you further or keep your details, this is an anonymous survey to get a better idea what will help people buy in the future.

I dont have a Mac
I dont have an Arduino UNO
I would prefer to buy from a known brand
I don't see the purpose of this product, it's not for me
The website is faulty, I was unable to buy
It is too expensive, I don't want to spend $40
Another reason, not listed above